By Jimmy Korderas

It’s funny how life tends to play out for many of us. Some are disappointed at the hand they have been dealt while others are somewhat satisfied with their lot in life. After spending almost my entire adult life in the professional wrestling business, I can honestly say that I am definitely one of the satisfied ones. I have accomplished more than I ever imagined when I first began my journey over 25 years ago.

Getting to referee matches for some of the greatest superstars of all time? Check! Referee a WrestleMania main event? Check! Write a book chronicling my career as a referee? Check! Become a broadcast analyst on a nationally televised wrestling post-game show? Check! Get to work with some of the best young talent in the industry, let alone Ontario, and offer advice to these young men and women? Check! My professional bucket list was complete! Or so I thought.

On August 18th, 2013, Toronto-based promotion Smash Wrestling presents their summer spectacular Super Showdown! It was already going to be the biggest event of the summer for area wrestling fans, myself included. I’m still a little foggy on how I got dragged into this fray, but I will be competing in my first-ever, and hopefully only, pro wrestling match, teaming with Alex Vega to take on his former tag team partner Brent Banks. Banks is someone I see with unlimited potential. Someone who has “it”.

However, last month at Redemption he disrespected me by viciously slapping me in the face and taunting me after I disqualified him in his match against Player Uno. I didn’t know how to respond, especially when he wanted to fight me. In the end, I somehow got dragged into the bad blood between the two former tag partners when Vega used his pick your poison series win to select the match of his choosing and here we are! I always wondered what it would be like to be in an actual wrestling match, and now I will find out.

Vega and Banks are considered two of the best cruiserweights in the business today. I may be well past my prime, but I will show up on August 18th, I will stand up for myself, and I will surprise not only the Smash Wrestling fans, I will surprise Brent Banks as well. If Brent thinks for one second he is going to intimidate me, I have news for him: I have stood face-to-face with some of the BIGGEST men in wrestling and didn’t back down. I’m not about to start now!

I have been training with Alex Vega, a guy I can rely on, and someone who has my back! I can’t guarantee victory or that I will emerge from this match unscathed, but what I can guarantee is that everyone who shows up at Super Showdown will not be disappointed. I’m coming to fight!

As for the rest of the card, there is so much talent on this show from Paul London and Brian Kendrick to Matt Cross, Gregory Iron, Johnny Gargano, The Overdogs, Player Uno, LuFisto, and many more. In the words of the late great Billy “Red” Lyons, “Dontcha dare miss it!”

Stay thirsty my friends, Jimmy K.