As Rival Schools approaches, one of the most anticipated matches is the Smash Wrestling Championship match between Johnny Gargano and Scotty O’Shea. There are some however, amongst the Smash Wrestling community who may be questioning the legitimacy of the challenger to Gargano’s title. Granted Scotty O’Shea may not have the same pedigree as the men who have held the coveted golden prize, but what he lacks in experience, he more than makes up for with heart and his ability to rise to the occasion. So for those in that mindset, allow us to open your mind and educate you on Smash Wrestling’s own “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea.

One of the Smash Wrestling Originals debuting at our inaugural event Inception, Scotty O’Shea became an instant fan favourite. His ability to captivate an audience combined with his daredevil approach to professional wrestling cause Smash Wrestling management to take immediate interest.

As the company grew and more talent began to take an interest in the company, Scotty O’Shea was awarded with opportunities to face well-known international talent. Those opportunities led “Hacker” to high profile matches against Kevin Steen and even led him to winning the 2013 Feud of the Year award for his matches against Tyson Dux. The accolades should have thrust O’Shea into the spotlight sooner but unfortunately for “Hacker” he was unsuccessful in the majority of his opportunities.


2014 rolled around, fear had begun to set in that Scotty O’Shea may have been nothing more than a highly sought after talent that “couldn’t win the big one.” He was viewed as a man filled with potential but unable to tap into it. Surrounded by doubt and unbeknownst to management at the time, Scotty O’Shea had become a sponge, soaking up every lesson taught to him in his unsuccessful attempts at victory.

The announcement of the GOLD tournament to crown Smash Wrestling’s first ever champion presented an opportunity to the entire roster and with it, one final opportunity for Scotty O’Shea. Billed as his final chance to prove he belonged in the spotlight, Scotty O’Shea found himself in a tournament qualifying match at Danger Zone¬†against Jay Lethal.
There are parallels to be seen in the weeks leading up to his match against Lethal and his upcoming title shot against Johnny Gargano. Nobody gave “Hacker” a hope then either. It seemed a foregone conclusion that Jay Lethal would find his way into the tournament and be an odds on favourite to win the championship. But on that night, Scotty O’Shea threw a monkey wrench into everyone else’s plans when he did the unthinkable…he won.

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Scotty O’Shea took everything he learned and proved that not only could he belong in the spotlight, he could thrive. Once again O’Shea found himself earning opportunities but with his newfound confidence, he was able to flick that necessary switch in his head to keep on winning. Victorious in some of Smash Wrestling’s most memorable matches such as the “Fans Bring the Keyboards” Match and Canada’s first Ambulance Match, en route to winning his second straight Feud of the Year Award in 2014, Scotty O’Shea has become the poster boy for all that is Smash Wrestling.

O’Shea has placed himself on the front lines in the ongoing war between Smash Wrestling and Fourth Gunn in 2015. He has made himself a focal point in a war that many others have worked extremely hard to avoid all together. Jay Lethal was O’Shea’s last given opportunity in this company. Everything else he has accomplished he’s earned. He has fought tooth and nail his entire career to prove he could reach into that untapped potential and be the face of a company. He could be the face of Smash Wrestling.

There is but one man who yet stands in his way. One man who holds what O’Shea covets most. On July 19th with the Smash Wrestling Championship on the line, once again for Scotty O’Shea…destiny awaits.

-Scott Hunter @SHunterSmash