Malone vs. Nicole II.

The first time Jewells Malone and Alexia Nicole locked horns in an Infinity ring, they left everything they had in there with “The Hardcore Princess” picking up the victory by the slimmest of margins. The match impressed the Infinity fans so much that the rematch has been set. Can “The Bubblegum Chewing Diva” even the score, or will Malone prove once and for all that she is the superior wrestler?


No more monkey business!

Space Monkey has blasted to the top ranks of Infinity ever since his debut. The same cannot be said for his opponent Jaxon Jarvis. Perhaps it was jealousy that caused “The Professional” to bring in his manager Jay Moore and target the beloved Space Monkey in the Elimination Tag Team Match on Chapter 8. The sneak attack seems to have awoken something inside of Space Money as he attacked both Jarvis and Moore after the match, even going so far as to stuff a banana down Moore’s throat! What will happen when these two finally collide 1-on-1?


Maybach Beta faces his biggest challenge!

Beta has been on an absolute rampage, running through everyone on the Infinity roster and remaining undefeated in the promotion. On Saturday, however, the streak faces its biggest threat to date when Smash Wrestling’s John Greed challenges the Worsaw native. Can John Greed beat the streak, or will he prove to be merely a roadblock on Beta’s path of destruction?


Has Kobe Durst self-destructed or been resurrected?

Prior to Infinity’s debut, Kobe Durst had become a local hero in Oshawa, being undefeated for 2 years in the city. Since Infiinity took over, however, Durst’s streak went from winning to losing rather quickly. Visibly frustrated with his lack of success in the company, Durst has blamed everyone else for his misfortune including his former life-coach Danny Orlando. Frustration boiled over in Chapter 8 when Durst snapped after yet another loss and attacked an unsuspecting Scotty O’Shea, leading to a match between the two this Saturday. Durst has placed himself in a must-win scenario as he’s eliminated all of his excuses. Can Scotty O’Shea be the final nail in his coffin, or has the real Kobe Durst finally emerged?


Infinity goes hardcore!!!

“The Bounty Hunter” Jesse Amato has tried everything he could to prove to management that he is the breakout star of Infinty. He’s tried playing by the rules but his addiction to a painful infliction must be satiated. On Saturday, Amato challenges one of management’s “golden boys” Sebastian Suave in a style of match that has made “The Bounty Hunter” famous in Ontario, a Hardcore Match. He’s tired of fighting in Infinity’s environment, now he welcomes Infinity into his. Can “The Overdog” defeat Amato at his own game? Or has Infinity just opened Pandora’s box into the twisted and sadistic mind of Jesse Amato?