Each bundle contains a single VIP ticket to the following shows:

February 25th at The Phoenix, Toronto
March 25th at The Phoenix, Toronto
April 15th at The Rec Room, Toronto
June 3rd at The Phoenix, Toronto
July 15th at The Phoenix, Toronto
August 26th at The Phoenix, Toronto

The bundle also comes with a t-shirt exclusive to the bundle, expected to be delivered at the March 25th show.

The bundles are for 6 VIP tickets to upcoming events, and will cost $270 each.

For years our fans have been asking for the option to purchase a season ticket, or to pre-buy tickets for months we haven’t even announced dates for! As we have our dates locked in for the next 7 months, we are finally in a place where we can offer such a ticket.

We love you! And your support will not be ignored! Simply reach out to us as soon as you can on Facebook or Twitter and we will get your details, and provide you with an exclusive code that will deduct the cost of those tickets from the bundle on the web store.

YES YOU CAN! Tickets for February and March are both available on smash-wrestling.com/tickets and April, June, July and August will all be available for purchase individually on Tuesday, February 13th at 6PM EST.

When your e-ticket for February 25th is scanned, you will be handed your physical collectors tickets for all 6 shows. These tickets are for your collection and are NOT required to enter any show.

You will be emailed an e-ticket during the week before each show. If you are missing your eticket – simply reach out to us and we can help you!

Your tickets are transferable! If you can’t make a show, either forward your e-ticket to someone else or contact us and ask for it to be issued to a different email address and we will take care of it.

When you order your ticket bundle, we will ask you for your shirt size. Then (we expect on March 25th) you will be handed your exclusive special t shirt. It’s that one, right there in the graphic at the top of the page. It’s very pretty.