The Best Of 2017


The biggest collection of our greatest hits from 2017!

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Disc 1

TDT Vs The London Riots

Rosemary Vs Sebastian Suave

No Disqualifications
Jimmy Havoc Vs Tyson Dux

Lio Rush Vs Tarik

Stu Grayson Vs Kaito Kiyomiya

Tag Team Tables

What’s In The Box?
Braxton Sutter Vs Mike Rollins

Bobby Lashley Vs Mike Bailey

Disc 2

Mark Haskins Vs Tyson Dux

Jeff Cobb Vs Sebastian Suave Vs Kevin Bennett

Halal Beefcake Vs Fight Or Flight Vs Well Oiled Machines

London City Riot
Scotty O’shea Vs Cody Deaner

Tyson Dux Vs Brent Banks

Jordynne Grace Vs Alexia Nicole

Gail Kim’s Final North American Match
Allie Vs Gail Kim

Sebastian Suave Vs Tarik

Matt Riddle Vs Mike Bailey

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